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 “Winning is an attitude, but keeping it is a commitment”. That’s the motto of Taufik Hidayat Arena as the house spirit of badminton. Not only built as a sport center that has facilities, THA is structured based on true passion, forms of struggle, and desire of a former of World and Olympic Champion, Taufik Hidayat.

 “At the end of the day, we hope to inspire all Indonesians to have faith and belief in our National Team. Winning or loosing is a dynamic process of being a World Class Champion. And I hope our spirit will inspire many people to form unity, not only just for United Nation of Badminton, but for all sports in Indonesia”, said Taufik Hidayat.

Taufik Hidayat Arena will be the first house of Badminton in the world that is named and owned by the athlete himself, and exclusively managed by Taufik and his dedicated team. THA will eventually open in November 2012, located at Ciracas, East Jakarta, nearby Taufik’s young neighborhood while he joined PBSI. Designed by the renowned architectural team of URBANE Indonesia, headed by Mr. Ridwan Kamil, the building provides innovation and sparkle to the air of Indonesian badminton. The building was designed with two floors to present The Gallery, Dormitory Area, and Yonex Badminton Main Hall on the second floor.

Collaborating with one of the rising independent graphic design studios, The Company Studio, THA was Art Directed by Utari Syaukat and her team. Throughout extended research, Utari has energetically created strong marks of identity for THA to communicate Taufik’s biggest dream, which is to deliver new generations with infinity timeframe. 

One of Taufik’s missions is to make “THA for ALL and ALL for INDONESIA”, not only encouraging the next generation to be better and healthy, but also encouraging all the people of Indonesia to learn how to love sports, show their support to all athletes, and respect their struggle process while battling for Indonesia in the World Tournaments.
All programs were designed and leaded by Taufik and his Coach, Mr. Mulyo Handoyo.

Anyone can join and be parts of THA. To find more about our Training Programs and our services, please view other pages on this website.


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